>Nieuw in de pretparken in 2010

>Attractieparken in Europa hebben tijdens de afgelopen wintermaanden miljoenen euro’s geïnvesteerd om de verwachte 150 miljoen bezoekers talrijke nieuwe belevenissen aan te bieden.  Van achtbanen, thrill rides en familie-attracties, tot kiddy-rides, shows, concerten en speciale evenementen; voor iedere leeftijd valt er wel iets nieuws te beleven.
“Ondanks de moeilijke economische omstandigheden kunnen attractieparken in de meeste Europese landen op een succesvol 2009-seizoen terugblikken”, zegt Andreas Veilstrup Andersen,  directeur van het Europese bureau van de wereldwijde organisatie van attractieparken (IAAPA).  “Met een jaarlijkse investering van zo’n 400 miljoen Euro, hopen we dat ook 2010 een goed jaar voor onze branche wordt”, voegt Andersen toe.

In 2009 heeft IAAPA Europa een onderzoek naar de economische effecten van de Europese attractiepark-industrie laten uitvoeren. Hieruit kwam naar voren dat de 320 attractieparken in 19 landen meer dan 150 miljoen bezoekers ontvangen, voor 50.000 directe arbeidsplaatsen zorgen en een totaalomzet vertegenwoordigen van 8,6 miljard. Voor Nederland zijn de volgende kengetallen berekend: 12,3 miljoen bezoekers, 3.350 fte’s en 445 miljoen omzet, waarvan 277 miljoen direct bij de parken.

De International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions ( IAAPA), opgericht in 1918, is de grootste internationale vak-organisatie ter wereld voor amusementbedrijven met een vaste standplaats. De organisatie vertegenwoordigt meer dan 4.000 aanbieders, leveranciers en individuele leden uit meer dan 90 landen. IAAPA Europa heeft 700 leden. Meer informatie: www.iaapa.org/europe

Alle nieuwe attracties van 2010 staan hier (in het Engels) per land:

Wave, Wörgl, Water Park

Tyrol’s biggest water park Wave opened in March 2010 with L2, the world’s first and only double looping waterslide. Following a rocket start in riders experience a 25-meter-high free fall before reaching a top speed of 65km/h and centrifugal forces of 3Gs through the two looping elements. A video system with several cameras records the ride and produces a souvenir video which can be downloaded and shared by the rider.



Plopsacoo, Coo, Family Attraction

Plopsa Coo opens this season with the Mega Mindy Flyer – a giant Chair Flyer Carousel. This new attraction takes riders to a height of 65 meters to enjoy a wonderful view above the Waterfalls of Coo.


Plopsaland, De Panne, Family Attraction

Inside a building replicating a Gnome’s Village, guests can explore the world of the Gnomes while sailing through the wonderful Plop’s Woods, where hundreds of Gnomes are up and about day in, day out. After a record-breaking 2009, this year Plopsaland De Panne celebrates its 10th anniversary.



Bakken, Klampenborg, Roller Coaster

The world’s oldest amusement park Bakken, located outside Copenhagen, opens this year with a renovated wooden roller coaster. The classic scenic railway from 1932 received new and comfortable trains, and the rollercoaster still reigns as the highest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Denmark.


Bon Bon Land, Holme Olstrup, Family Attraction

Bon Bon Land features some of the craziest amusement ride names anywhere in the world, and this year is no exception with Svend Svingarm – a giant pendulum carousel , which takes the brave riders to dizzying heights of 44 meter at a speed of 115 km/h.


Djurs Sommerland, Nimtofte, Family Attraction

Djurs Sommerland will open the 2010 season with the Sable – a new family free-fall tower located next to the Pirate roller coaster – last year voted as the 6th best steel roller coaster in the world.


LEGOLAND, Billund, Family Attraction

LEGOLAND opens a new interactive dark ride – THE TEMPLE. In the heart of a huge archaeological excavation project, THE TEMPLE is an ancient Egyptian structure where brave children and families go on a treasure hunt in specially built vehicles. Riders shoot their way through earthquakes, villains, and live mummies, and only excellent marksmen emerge with maximum points.


Fårup Sommerland, Saltum, Family Attraction

Many children have dreamed of crawling into a foxhole to see how the fox really lives. For the 2010 season, Fårup Sommerland opens a foxes’ lair. Visitors explore The Foxhole, a maze designed to make them feel like wily foxes, testing their senses against modern technology, and experiencing classical tricks from old-fashioned funhouses.


Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, Family Attractions

Tivoli Friheden, located in the beautiful Marselisborg Woods, unveils this year two beautifully themed amusement rides;  Frihedskarusellen – an antique carousel, and Sving-Gyngerne –  a classic Wave Swinger carousel.


Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Family Attraction

This year, Tivoli Gardens open Petzi World – an interactive playground with 40 activities. Petzi and his friends Pelle, Pingo, Old Salt, and the ship Mary move into  Tivoli Gardens and invite families into a 1300m² playworld, which also holds a pancake restaurant and the world’s first Petzi amusement ride.



Linnanmäki, Helsinki, Children’s Rides

Pilotti, this summer’s new ride, takes all the small beginner pilots on board. The amusement park has been expanded even further, and Pluto, the new area, includes the favourites of the youngest visitors. Some of the timeless favourites have also been polished to a new shine. The tentacle-swirling Mustekala has moved to Pluto, as a spectacular new ride will appear in its place beside the Wooden Roller Coaster in summer 2011.

Särkänniemi, Tampere, Roller Coaster

In summer 2010 Särkänniemi Adventure Park presents MotoGee. Thrill-seekers of all ages are now able to experience all the thrills of motorbiking. Seated two abreast on their own motorbike, racers are treated to a launch from 0-40 mph/65 km /h in less than 2 seconds. With the race in full gear, trains navigate an ascending banked turn to a height of more than 13 m before racing to the finish line.



Futuroscope, Poitiers, Family Attraction

In 2010, Futuroscope takes visitors on experiences that use image technology and a different look at the world to give them an insight into the future. Arthur, the 4D Adventure from Luc Besson (director of The Fifth Element, Leon, and The Big Blue) takes visitors into the make-believe world of the Minimoys. The full array of image technologies (3D mode-ling, large-format IMAX 3D images, motion simulator, and physical effects in the theatre) and the creative flair seen in the Minimoys world thrust visitors on a roller coaster ride of excitement and thrills.


Marineland, Antibes, Marine & Water Park

In honor of its 40th anniversary,  Marineland welcomes two young polar bears, Flocke and Raspoutine, in a new 2.500 m² exhibit. The €3,8 Million  habitat simulates the tundra environment complete with rocks, plants of meadows, waterfalls, and two cooled caves with snow. The new Shark River attraction in the Aquasplash waterpark enables visitors to face the sharks! Marineland will celebrate its birthday all year long with new shows and special evening shows on Saturdays.


Walt Disney Studios, Paris, Family Attraction

Simultaneously with the release of the third installment of the Toy-story movies, the movie-themed park opens Toy Story Playland and featuresoversized outdoor amusement rides and photo opportunities that allow guests to experience the different perceptions of scale, and shrink to the size of a toy. Among the rides are a shuttle coaster which propels guests along a U-shaped  track and a drop-style parachute attraction that lets guests join a “training mission,” and plung from a 25-meter-talltower.



Europa Park, Rust, Family Attraction

“Ship ahoy” – as the boats leave the little Icelandic fisher harbour and head for the open sea, passengers take their positions behind the water cannons to start a refreshing water battle. With the new interactive family attraction Whale Adventures – Splash Tours, exci-ting expeditions are guaranteed in Germany’s biggest theme park.


Hannover Zoo, Hannover, New Exhibits

The popular zoo opens two new sections in 2010: the Australian Outback with an red kangaroos, emus, wallabys, and wombats, and the adventurous Yukon Bay with its majestic wilderness, gold digger romance, and the icy Yukon. Being Hannover Zoo’s largest investment to date, guests will stand face-to-face with wild wolves, and the underwater section reveals unique views of seals, pinguins, and polar bears.


Hansa Park, Sierksdorf, Roller Coaster

This year, the story of the Curse of Novgorod, unfolds and roller coaster fans will experience this one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before concept melding an indoor/outdoor heavily themed launched coaster with the steepest drop in the dark of all roller coasters in the world.


Heide Park, Soltau, Familiy Attraction

Heide Park opens a new section, the Bucht der Totenkopfpiraten (Bay of the Skull Pirates)featuring a new interactive water attraction for the whole family. ToPiLauLa-Schlacht is a 170m long boat ride, where visitors with water guns shoot at different targets and at people in other boats. A new, energetic pirate show Das Gold von Port Royal entertains visitors with amazing artistry and stunts.


Movie Park, Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Show

Three new Hollywood Shows will be presented for Movie Park’s 2010 season.  The new Movie Switch show takes guests on a musical journey through the most beautiful movie themes. In the saloon, guests experience the Wild West Showdown as revolver heroes and pioneers try to win the favor of the sweet Loretta with their songs and rousing dance numbers. Lastly, the Studio 7 Amphitheatre goes wild as true superheroes fight in a thrilling live-action show against evil, with spectacular stunts and sensational special effects.


Phantasialand, Brühl, Family Attraction

With five new attractions for children and the new show 7-the return of the magic Phantasialand will be more fun and exciting than ever. The new show stars Illusionist Jan Rouven, the first German to receive the award ‘Entertainer of the year’ from the International Magician’s Society in New York, and takes the audience on an incredible journey through time and space. It combines drama and magic in a visually stunning production. www.phantasialand.de

Ravensburger Spieleland, Meckenbeuren, Family Attraction

There are many novelties to discover in the 13th season of the Ravensburger Spieleland: detailed themed, electronically controlled horses take riders over the winding path – and the new fun slides are not for cowards: this seven lane slide complex with Tunnel, Wave and Free-Fall slides will open in the Explorers section in cooperation with the Pfänderbahn.


Ring°Werk, Nürburgring, Roller Coaster

The fastest roller coaster in the world opens this summer at Nürburgring . Guests start the trip of their life parallel to the start and finishing line of the Nürburgring . On the Grand Prix track,in less than 2.5 seconds, the vehicles accelerate to 217 km/h, which is double the acceleration of a Formula 1 driver in the same space of time.



Etnaland, Belpasso, Family Attraction

From this summer on, Italy’s highest water ride will soak the guests of the Sicilian park. Boats with 20 passengers pass dark jungle caves before an vertical elevator takes them 26 metres up in the air. The boats then drop down the 45° steep descent and the ride ends in a Mega splash.



Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, Roller Coaster

Efteling, which from this year on will open year-round, recently debuted a new holiday park, Efteling Village Bosrijk. The holiday park is comprised of 203 cottages and apartments set among fairytale woodland surroundings. In the park, Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon) will take riders on a new dual, wooden, racer roller coaster.


Toverland, Sevenum, Netherlands, Family Attraction

In July 2010 Toverland will open a new, spectacular attraction: Scorpios. This ship swing will be located in a authentic harbour and brings visitors to a height of 15 meters. Next to Scorpios a second new attraction will open in 2010: a Horse Track, where small children can ride on a Greek horse alongside dunes and old bridges.


Plopsa Indoor, Coevorden, New Park

Plop the Gnome, Samson & Gert, Pete the Pirate, and Bumba are proud to welcome guests to the first Dutch Plopsa theme park, Plopsa Indoor Coevorden. This theme park combines the magic of the Studio 100 characters with the fun of tailor-made attractions for children. On a surface of two football pitches, 20 attractions are integrated in a breathtaking scenery.



Dyreparken Kristiansand, Kristiansand, Water Park

On June 25th  Kristiansand opens the gates to the giant new waterpark for children and adults alike, Badelandet. The area will be filled with swimming pools, waterslides, lazy rivers, wet bubbles, wave pools, swimming pools, activity pools, whirlpool spas, and much more. Indoor and outdoor, the waterpark will contain something for everyone.


Tusenfryd, Vinterbrö, Dark Ride

Tusenfryd opens Nightmare: a full HD, interactive 3D horror movie projected on two screens. Scary animatronics, a quick rotating platform, wind, water, smoke, surround sound, and special effects, allow visitors (armed with revolvers) to see the impact of their shots on the screen and take part in the story.



Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Children Rides

One of Sweden’s leading parks is promising big thrills for its young guests this coming season in the shape of a new children’s coaster called Tuff-Tuff Tåget (Choo-Choo Train) which promises to become many children’s first coaster thanks to lack of any height restrictions. Since 2006, the park has doubled its count of roller coasters to 6 coasters in 2010!


Liseberg, Gothenburg, Children Rides

Liseberg presents for this summer season new attractions which will appeal especially to younger visitors. This year’s news includes a ride with flying elephants, bumper cars, and a new Pony Carousel. A new 3D film called Sammy’s Adventures will be shown in the ci-nema. But the year’s biggest news is a system called Quick Pass that allows visitors to book rides in advance so they don’t have to queue. Liseberg is the first park in Sweden to offer this service to visitors.



Aquaparc, Le Bouveret, Water Park

Switzerland’s first looping water slide debutes this year with some very special features. The brave rider is placed in a glassern cabin, before the transparent trap door opens. With speeds of up to 65 km/h and up to 3G the infernal loop is taken before some more surprises are waiting for the rider on it’s last metres to the splash pool.


United Kingdom

Alton Towers, Alton, Roller Coaster

This year marks the arrival of TH13TEEN, the ultimate rollercoaster at the Alton Towers Resort which has been unveiled as the world’s first free fall drop coaster. TH13TEEN takes riders on a grueling journey through The Dark Forest, where brave riders battle the overwhelming force of the woods through a series of twists and turns, before plummeting into the unknown.


Chessington Worlds of Adventures, Family Attraction

Chessington World of Adventures uncovers Wild Asia – an ancient and mythical Asian land. Deep in the heart of Surrey, explorers can navigate their way through the kingdom’s fallen temples and ancient ruins. A clearing in the jungle invites adventurers to take on the KOBRA, an awesome new ride that spins through the air on a 90m track at a dizzying 43mph! Further into the jungle, younger adventurers can go on a bumpy tour on the Jungle Bus, try their luck on the Tuk Tuk Turmoil Dodgems, and go jungle crazy in the Temple of Mayhem. Also new is the Lorikeet Lagoon walkthrough aviary, where the song of 70 rainbow lorikeets will lift the spirits of intrepid explorers.


Thorpe Park, Cleethorpes, Maze Attraction

Following the launch of SAW – The Ride last year, Thorpe Park is ramping up the terror factor by unleashing SAW Alive – the world’s most extreme horror maze. Guests that dare to enter the attraction will have their nerves pushed to the absolute limit, both from a psychological and sensory point of view, as they navigate the six traps depicting the most grisly and iconic torture scenarios from the six SAW films released to date.



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